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Commentary: Getting Coverage 101


Want coverage of your next event? All you have to do is ask in advance and hire a good photographer. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

A few weeks back, an organizer of a go-fast boating event that had come and gone without getting any media attention reached out to me to ask why. It was a fair question with a reasonable answer.

I didn’t know about it.

Now I do. Why? Because he reached out to me.

It seems so simple, right? You want something, you ask for it. Even if the answer comes back no, you’ll never know unless you ask. But something seems to stop many organizers and readers with worthy events and projects and so on from picking up the phone and calling an editor, publisher, reporter or whoever and saying, “Hey, do you know about us? We’d like some coverage.”

Come closer. Can year hear me? Lean in. Get over it.

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