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Commentary: Craving Closure


Justice was served.

That’s my take on the recent settlement among all parties in the Gratton versus Super Boat International lawsuit in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Including watching every moment of the civil jury trial online via Courtroom View Network, I covered this story from the day Joey Gratton died in November 2011 during the Super Boat International Offshore World Championship in Key West, Fla. Covering the story for the past three years, I produced more than 15 news pieces on the subject.

The case ended suddenly on Tuesday, January 20 with a settlement after just four days in front of the six-person jury. And justice was served.

I believe that not because I have opinions worth sharing—for even those who didn’t watch a moment of the trial, much less research the case before it ever went there including reading a slew of depositions, have opinions—on the case.

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