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Coming to America: UIM C3 Raceboat on 2015 OPA Circuit

After following the Qatar Cup, which included a single-outboard-engine, canopied catamaran class called C3 under the Union International Motonautique powerboat-racing umbrella, Michigan-based offshore racer Rick Kotecki was inspired to acquire one of the unusual 25-foot Yuka raceboats. What’s more, Kotecki of PFE Offshore Racing plans to run his new ride in the Offshore Powerboat Association’s Class 4 this season. (The team has campaigned a 26-foot Velocity V-bottom in OPA competition for six years.)


The PFE Offshore Racing team will run this C3 catamaran in OPA Class 4 competition this season.

According to Kotecki, the PFE team purchased a C3 cat raced by Kerem Tuncer, the owner of Yuka Yachts and manufacturer of Yuka Racing Catamarans. For power, the team currently is considering going with either a Mercury 2.5L 200XS or Evinrude 225 H.O. outboard.

With a single engine, the C3 cats, which feature bottom escape hatches and “re-righting” airbag systems, reportedly top 100 mph. “We are just going to prop the boat down for acceleration and hope for smooth water,” said Kotecki regarding his racing strategy this season.

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Kotecki said he hopes that bringing a C3 raceboat into OPA competition will start a trend in the domestic offshore racing world.

“I would really like to see this class take off in the States—maybe a few more teams will follow my lead and bring another one or two over in the future,” said Kotecki. “With a race-ready price less than $70,000 maybe some teams will. But until that happens we will take our chances in Class 4.”