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Coming to America: Revolver 42


While fully enclosed cockpits are the norm in the higher classes of offshore powerboat racing, hardtops are rare in the pleasure side of the United States go-fast boat market. Sure, you’ll find a few exotic canopied V-bottoms and catamarans on the poker run circuit, but for the most part domestic performance-boat owners like their cockpits open to the breeze.

Some of that is tradition, some is practicality. Go-fast boat owners—at least on the male side—have always liked the wind in their hair, so to speak. The tactile and auditory sensations of the onrushing breeze at high speed are part of the experience. On the practical side, it’s simply too hot in most parts of the country during the summer, prime boating season, for an enclosed cockpit.

The people at Revolver Powerboats, an Italian company targeting the U.S. sportboat market, are hoping to change that with their new 42-foot stepped-hull V-bottom.

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Editor’s Note: Look for a complete feature on the Revolver 42 in the upcoming Sept./Oct. issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine.