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Coming Soon! Sunday Fun Day on Speedonthewater.com


Everyone has a slightly different—but perfect—week-ending day on the water. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.

We all covet those serendipitous, epic days on the water—the ones that happen in unfamiliar territory, often among unfamiliar faces—that catch us by delightful surprise. They are the stuff of stories told and retold during years. There’s nothing like discovering something new and, if it’s worthwhile, adding it to your go-fast boating season repertoire.

More common, however, are those comfortable “go-to” days on the water when we head to familiar places with familiar faces. No matter how many times those scenes repeat themselves, they, too, become the stuff of personal go-fast boating legend. They are the perfect endings to long weeks.

They are Sunday Fun Days, and everyone’s is a little different. And worth sharing.

That’s why starting Sunday, July 26, we’re adding a new feature to speedonthewater.com called “Sunday Fun Day.” Each piece will chronicle the favorite or ideal, on-water Sunday adventure of someone you’ve probably heard of—or maybe someone you haven’t, maybe even you—in the go-fast boating community. The feature will appear every Sunday morning on speedonthewater.com. We hope you enjoy it.

Of course, if you’re out there having your own Sunday Fun Day, you may have to wait until Monday morning to read it.