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Colorado-Based Owner Pumped On New Fountain 34 Thunder Cat

Though he currently lives in Denver, Nick Pollard grew up in St. Charles, Mo., with the Lake of the Ozarks as his summer playground. His family has long owned a second home at the Central Missouri waterway, as well as performance boats including a 38-foot Cigarette Top Gun they still keep at the lake.

Ordered through Big Thunder Marine, this Fountain 34 Thunder Cat is Nick Pollard’s first catamaran.

Pollard currently co-owns a home there with his brother. And with the May 5 delivery of a Fountain Powerboats 34 Thunder Cat powered by Mercury Racing 300R outboard engines from Big Thunder Marine in Osage Beach, Mo., now he has a brand new catamaran of his own to go with it.

“I have a good friend who bought one with 450R outboards,” he said. “He took me out in it before I started working with Nick Franklin and Ed Champion at Big Thunder in 2020. We had a little COVID delay, but it all worked out great.

“This was the first time I have built a custom boat and it was a great process,” he continued. “I had a color scheme in mind but they didn’t have one of the colors I wanted in stock, so Nick actually went out and found the color for me. They made the process really easy.”

The 34-footer from the Washington, N.C., builder is Pollard’s first catamaran. As such, he explained, the 300-hp outboard setup made the most sense to him. To shorten his learning curve—and earn an insurance discount—he took the Tres Martin Driving School course.

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Enjoy more images of the 34-footer in the slideshow above.

“Big Thunder wanted to build a 300R boat and I thought that was a great idea for me as this is my first cat,” Pollard explained. “Big Thunder helped me get set up with the course, and Scott (Kottmann) at Wozencraft Insurance helped me with insurance.”

After sharing the cockpit of the cat with Big Thunder’s Ed Champion on the Lake of the Ozarks last weekend, Pollard headed out solo.

“I wanted to find rough water with no one else in the boat to complain I was running too hard,” he said, then chuckled. “The 300R outboards are great. The torque is there and the boat will run over 100 mph.”

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