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Coil Shooting For Rare Key West Trifecta

The driver for the defending world and national champion Super Cat-class M CON/Monster Energy team, as well as the Super Stock-class Performance Boat Center and Class 1 Monster Energy/M CON teams, Myrick Coil will be the busiest racer at the Race World Offshore World Championship this week in Key West, Fla.. Coil, who is the service manager at Performance Boat Center at the Lake of the Ozarks in Central Missouri, will run nine races this week—three on Wednesday, three on Friday and three on Sunday. His days will start in the Class 1 catamaran with owner-throttleman Tyler Miller. He’ll get the next race off, but then will hop in the Performance Boat Center Super Stock cat with throttleman Rusty Williams.

Captured here in the Sunday raceboat parade ahead of this week’s offshore racing action in Key West, Myrick Coil (left with Performance Boat Center cockpit-mate Rusty Williams) will have his work cut out for him. Photos by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

In the final race of each day, he’ll join up with Miller again in the Super Cat M CON/Monster Energy cat.

In the 42 years offshore powerboat racers have flocked to Key West to compete, it seems likely that at least one of them has run in three classes in one day. But records of such things are scarce to nonexistent, so at the very least Coil will be doing something rare.

To be fair, during the 2021 American Power Boat Association Offshore National Championship Series season-opener in Cocoa Beach, Fla., Brit Lilly joined Steve Curtis in the Class 1 Huski Chocolate boat, Jay Muller in the WHM Motorsports Super Cat and ran his own LSB/Hurricane of Awesomeness Mod V raceboat with Kevin Smith. Later that season in Sarasota, Fla., Vinnie Diorio ran in his SV Offshore Racing/Rollin’ Transport Super Cat with Simon Prevost, joined Loren Peters in LPC in Super Stock and race alongside Brian Forehand in his Marker 17 Marine Mod V-class Outerlimits.

But impressive as their accomplishments were, Lilly and Diorio ran three races in one day. Coil will triple that achievement by the time this week is complete.

“He’s a glutton for punishment, that’s for sure,” Diorio said, then chuckled.

Coil is his usual low-key self about the upcoming races.

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From Class 1 to Super Stock, Myrick Coil is in for some sweet rides on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

“It will be a few busy days,” Coil said. “It is not that hard when you already know the boats. People might think it’s weird, but the hardest one to drive is the Super Stock boat.

“The nice part about running multiple boats is that the boat you run first helps you with the other boats,” he continued. “I have my marks on the course already and the crew can make changes as far as props and weight.”

Coil paused for a moment, then laughed. “OK, I’m stressing a little bit,” he said. “But we can get it done.”

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