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Cobra Performance Boats Readies All-New 280 Venom Cat for Inboard or Outboard Power

Based on the recently released rendering of the new 280 Venom from Cobra Performance Boats, it appears that the outboard application of the 28-foot catamaran, which is slated to be completed a few months after the stern drive-powered version, could be as big of a seller as the inboard model, if not bigger.

cobra 280venom1a

Cobra’s new 280 Venom is going to be available with inboard or outboard power options (click image to enlarge).

According to Jeff Bohn, the owner of the Montclair, Calif.-based company, Cobra is planning to have its first 280 Venom ready in the spring with an outboard version of the new 28-foot cat slated for a few months later. Utilizing the bottom of the company’s 280 Python deck boat, the 280 Venom is going to include a sporty deck that is currently in the tooling process, a wraparound windshield and a restyled dash to complement the five-seat sport cat’s presumably attractive interior.

The 28-footer features the unique transom design Cobra rolled out on its 270 Python deck boat a few years ago. The inboard version is being completed first since the twin-outboard-powered model is going to require some modifications to the deck to allow for steps leading to the water between the engines.

cobra 280venom2

Cobra’s first closed-deck 28-foot cat is expected to be on the water early next year.

Bohn added that the power package for the 280 Venom hasn’t been determined—that likely depends on the customer.

“We’ll figure out the power when we get a little farther along—dropping in the engine is the easy part,” said Bohn, adding that he has a few customers interested in putting deposits on a 280 Venom in both inboard and outboard form. “We need to get the first and second one built and then I think they’re going to get some serious attention. They’re a little different than everything else out there, which is a good thing, and they’re a definite step up from our 260 Venom that comes in an open- or closed-bow configuration. We’re doing a lot of updates that I think make the boat look cooler.”

Bohn knows that only time will tell if the customers agree. But based on past new model introductions from Cobra, there’s a good chance he’s right.

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