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CMI Releases Evo-X Headers for Mercury Racing QC4v Engines

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Developed with a little help from the Miss GEICO Offshore Racing team, CMI’s Evo-X headers for Mercury Racing’s 1100, 1350, 1550 and 1650 engines are available now. The new 316L stainless steel, mandrel-bent headers boast CMI’s patented Cool Collar design and are targeted to be direct replacements for the aluminum headers that come stock on Mercury Racing’s popular quad overhead cam powerplants.

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For a closer look at CMI’s Evo-X headers check out the slideshow above.

“The Evo-X headers were developed to enhance engine endurance—they weren’t developed to make more power,” said Chris Morth, CMI’s sales manager. “In a nutshell, the 316L stainless-steel material gives the headers the extra integrity to withstand excess heat in the event a water hose blows off or something else like that happens and the engine is starved for water. Stainless steel melts at a higher temperature than aluminum. And saltwater is a lot harsher on aluminum than stainless steel.”

The first high-performance pleasure-boat installation of Evo-X headers is happening now with a set of Mercury Racing 1350 engines going into a new MTI catamaran at the company’s Wentzville, Mo., facility.

Price is $16,900 per set. Evo-X headers are available through through Offshore Performance Specialties, Performance Boat Center and Teague Custom Marine.

Editor’s Note: Look for a more detailed story on CMI’s Evo-X headers, as well as the company’s Sport Tube and E-Top 520 headers, in the upcoming issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine, which will go live next week.

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