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Close To 100 Boats Expected For 10th Annual Arendal Poker Run

I have to admit, I’m kind of kicking myself that I’m not the one packing for a trip to Norway like my friends Stu and Jackie Jones are at the moment. The husband and wife behind the Florida Powerboat Club are getting ready to leave for the 10th annual Arendal Poker Run that takes place Friday through Sunday (June 24-26) at Arendal Harbour and is organized by the Neptun PowerBoatClub.

This week’s 10th annual Arendal Poker Run in Norway is expected to be the largest one yet. Photo courtesy Bjørn Øyvind Hoff

Although they’ve been invited to the poker run several times by Neptun PowerBoatClub president Rune Høgevoll, an FPC member who regularly participates in the Key West Poker Run and other club events, Stu and Jackie Jones made room in their schedule this year to go tour the beautiful coastal towns of Norway and celebrate the event’s 10th anniversary.

Covering the Arendal Poker Run from afar the last several years and getting to know Høgevoll and his and fellow event organizer, Nicolay Rylander, has raised my desire to make the trip to Norway. Unfortunately a 10-day family vacation to the United Kingdom for a wedding earlier this month made my decision to stay home easy; so once again I’ll be covering it remotely—albeit this time I can rely on the Jones family to provide some perspective on the event.

“The winter was hard and long but the summer vibes are finally arriving in Arendal this weekend,” said Rylander, who is excited to host Stu and Jackie Jones, referring to them as Mr. and Mrs. Poker Run. “It’s a great pleasure for us to have several special guests this year for the 10th anniversary. I have spoken with Stu on a regular basis the past few years and it’s great to finally find time in his busy schedule to welcome him to Norway and Arendal.

“We expect somewhere between 90 to 100 boats and 400 to 500 people in attendance,” he continued, adding that it should be the event’s largest fleet with performance boats from Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats, Predator Boats and more. “The entire town is super excited to welcome people from all over the world and we are ready for a safe but fun day on the water.”

Editor’s note: Look for complete coverage of the Arendal Poker Run next week.

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