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Classic Captures Preserved


That Chris LaMorte purchased the still photo archives—in the form of 1,300 slides—from Needle Nose Race Team Productions early this year had nothing do with his entering The Race Around Long Island in August. (Read the speedonthewater.com story.) Truth be told, he entered the race because he and his and his friend Ryan Beckley, a veteran offshore racer, had been talking about competing in the event since it last came around in 2011 and it was close LaMorte’s home in Ocean Township, N.J.

“The last time they it did neither one of us was paying much attention,” said LaMorte, an engaged-to-be married 36-year-old who works in his family’s paper and packaging business. “We both kind of said, ‘If that ever comes around again, we should do it.’”

As bad luck would have it, LaMorte “cooked” one of his 36-foot Skater’s original Mercury Racing 500EFI engines—the boat was built in 2000—earlier this year so the timing was perfect for him to repower the boat with twin 700-hp engines from Innovation Marine before the classic endurance event around New York’s storied Long Island. Nasty water conditions forced LaMorte and Beckley to turn back early in the race.

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Photo courtesy Shoot 2 Thrill Pix/All rights reserved.