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Cigarette Swoops Into Miami With Nighthawk And Auroris

Unveiled this morning at the Miami International Boat Show with three other spectacular offerings—including the mind-bending new Cigarette Racing Team-Mercedes—AMG 59 Tirranna—the 41 Nighthawk and 42 Auroris were inspired by the 59 Tirranna released at the event in 2019. The 59-footer inspired what the iconic Opa-Locka, Fla., company is called its “HyperLux Console” line.

The 41 Nighthawk (above) and 42 Auroris have Cigarette 59 Tirranna in their DNA. Photo courtesy/copyright Cigarette Racing Team.

That’s the word from Skip Braver, Cigarette”s owner and chief executive officer.

“Like the 59 Tirranna, the 41 Nighthawk and 42 Auroris are a spectacular blend of performance and luxury,” he said. “At Cigarette, we don’t just think one new boat at a time. We think of generations of boats.”

Both models are plush and in terms of length only one foot sets them apart. Both are designed to handle four outboard engines—and up to five for the 42-footer—from Mercury Marine Verado 350s and 400ss to Mercury Racing 400Rs and 450Rs. Both are hefty. With four outboards, the 41 Nighthawk tip the scales at 15,600 pounds. The 42 Auroris checks in at 18,900 pound with four engines and 20,000 pounds with five.

But where the 41 Nighthawk, which measures 41 feet long with an 11-foot beam, boasts more aggressive styling, the 42 Auroris has “a more sophisticated posture,” according a Cigarette press. The 42-footer has an 11-foot, 11-inch beam and 60 percent more freeboard than its smaller sibling. 

Checkout the slideshow above for a closer look at the 41 Nighthawk.

“To fully appreciate these new HyperLuxury models, you really have to see them in person,” said Braver. “They epitomize and embody the Cigarette difference, and how Cigarette continues to evolve its next-generation models.”

Meet the 42 Auroris center console from Cigarette Racing Team.

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