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Cigarette Integral To Red Bull Promo Video For Miami Formula 1 Race

With a Formula 1 automobile race likely coming to Miami—unless current plans change— in 2020 according to the F1 website, Skip Braver, the head of Cigarette Racing Team in nearby Opa-Locka, Fla., is understandably pumped up. Not only has Cigarette enjoyed a 11-plus-year marketing partnership with Mercedes-AMG, which is deeply involved in the sport with its Petronas team, a Cigarette 42X sportboat is prominently featured in a new Red Bull Formula 1 Racing video promoting the event on Instagram.

cigaretteFmiami 01

When a Formula 1 race comes to Miami in 2020, Cigarette Racing Team will be more than ready (click image to enlarge). The sportboat above belongs to a longtime Cigarette customer.

The Instagram clip is part of a longer Red Bull Formula 1 Racing video, which prominently features the Cigarette 42X running alongside the Red Bull F1 racecar, that will drop later this week. The 42-footer used in the video belongs to Cigarette customer Carlos Garcia.

Click here to watch the Instagram video.

“When you think of powerboats in Miami, you think of Cigarette,” said Braver, a passionate longtime Formula 1 enthusiast who owns multiple high-performance automobiles. “Obviously, we’re thrilled to be part of this promotion. It speaks volumes about brand that we would be recognized by and can participate with companies such as Red Bull and Mercedes-AMG.”

Braver paused to chuckle. “What boat builder would say, ‘Oh no, I don’t want my boat used in a Red Bull Formula 1 video?’” he said. “The City of Miami contacted us because they are working with Red Bull to bring a Formula 1 race here. They wanted a boat that personified Miami, and when people think of Miami they think of Cigarette.”

Cigarette is no stranger to the Formula 1 marketing world. In May 2016 during the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, the high-performance luxury sportboat and center console company unveiled the Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder AMG Monaco. A part of the ongoing marketing partnership between Cigarette and Mercedes-AMG, the 50-footer incorporated graphic and stylistic elements from the AMG-Petronas F1 team racecars.

Unveiled last year during the Miami International Boat Show, the Cigarette-AMG 515 Project ONE sportboat will be on display at this weekend’s Formula 1 Fan Fest event in Bayfront Park.

“They’re going to be showing Formula 1 live, have DJs and a lot more—it’s going to be a big party—and we’ll have an exhibit,” said Braver. “We’re not going to be there ‘selling,’ just branding. We’re excited to be part of it.

“This is where we are as a company,” he continued. “Cigarette is the most well-known boat brand in the world.”

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