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Cigarette Racing and Mercedes-AMG’s Miami Intrigue


What do Cigarette Racing Team and Mercedes-AMG have in store for next week’s Miami International Boat Show? We’ll all know soon enough—but the details matter less than the effort. Photo courtesy/copyright Cigarette Racing Team

To dismiss Cigarette Racing Team’s relationship with Mercedes-AMG as nothing more that “marketing” is to dismiss the inherent value of, well, marketing. No matter how you feel about the end product of their collaboration, the kind that has debuted at the Miami International Boat Show for the past five years and will again next week, the fact is the Opa-locka, Fla., boat builder has a unique relationship with one of the world’s premium luxury automobile brands. No other powerboat builder—and I’m not just talking about the go-fast segment—can claim that.

Whether or not you see the Cigarette-Mercedes-AMG relationship as relevant or valuable likely has more to do with boat brand loyalty than anything else, and that makes perfect sense. If you’re not a Cigarette fan, chances are the marketing partnership won’t mean beans to you. Fair enough. But I gently suggest that if your favorite boat builder formed a relationship with Mercedes-AMG, you might see things a little differently.

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