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Cigarette 31’ Bullet Project: Restoring The Restored

Imagine coming home after a long shift as a process operator at your local uranium enrichment plant. Tired from your day on the job, you stroll to your workshop and boat-storage garage to admire your pride and joy, a 31-foot Cigarette Bullet built in 1988.

bancini31cig 01

Despite a malicious act of vandalism, this vintage 31-footer (shown here prior to the crime) will return to its perfectly restored form.

You immediately notice that someone has broken into your workshop. And then you see your boat, its hullsides, deck, transom and more gouged by some malicious, dull-witted would-be thief with a sharp object and a bad temper.

That is exactly the scene that unfolded for 41-year-old Chris Bencini and his wife, Nikki, of Paducah, Ky., last month. Though they filed a police report, no one has been apprehended and charged with the crime.

Damage to the 31-footer’s paintwork was significant.

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