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Check Out Who’s Flying Around Havasu

Last month I saw a post on Facebook about the new Water Jetpack Adventure in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. I thought it sounded interesting but never followed up.

The Art of Design painter Dean Loucks gets lifted in Lake Havasu.The Art of Design painter Dean Loucks gets lifted in Lake Havasu.Well, during the lunch stop of the Desert Storm Poker Run, I sat down for a quick chat with Dean Loucks, legendary The Art of Design painter who was in town to visit with customers and sell his fine art, a lot of which features performance boats.

Anyway, Loucks had a huge ear-to-ear smile while he was telling me about the flying experience he had over the lake. He said he saw some guy with a jetpack, and remembered reading about one in Miami , so he approached the owner. The owner told Loucks he rented it out, so the artist, who is also a helicopter pilot, had to try it out. “And it was the best $200 I’ve ever spent,” Loucks said.

Dubbed the Jetlev R200 water jetpack the system includes the jetpack (and stand), a hose assembly, the powerplant/boat and remote throttle control. According to the company website, the top speed is around 25 mph and the flight ceiling is 30 feet. With a 22-gallon fuel capacity, the jetpack has up to an 80-mile range. Oh yeah, and you can pick up your own for $99,500.

“I seriously want to buy one…it’s cheaper than a helicopter,” Loucks laughed. “But seriously, it pretty flew like a helicopter. It was best to make slower, gradual movements. Once I got the hang of it, man what a great experience. Can you imagine going up and down the coast on that thing?”

Don’t be surprised if you see Loucks with a custom-painted jetpack soon enough.