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Celebrating Joe Sgro

In the Associated Press stylebook, which is something of a basic bible for most reporters, there are rules about everything from state abbreviations—generally not the same as United States Postal Service state abbreviations—to capitalizing the first letters of titles—unless you’re writing about the President or the Pope, you use lowercase.

Owned by Peter Burk, this outboard engine-powered SL 41 was one of three Outerlimits models in the fleet for Sgro Memorial Fun Run (click image to enlarge). Photos by Tim Sharkey/Sharkey Images

Among those rules is this one: Events cannot be labeled “annual” until they have been held in two successive years.

I didn’t write the rule, but I follow it, as well as the logic behind it. Despite the best-laid plans of their organizers, events announced as “annual” in their first year often turn out to be one and done. To call an event annual before it has completed its second year is simply inaccurate.

For those of you I haven’t bored into surfing another website, here’s my point: The Joe Sgro Memorial Poker Run happened on Hudson River in New Jersey and New York last weekend, and based on the success of the second-year event I have every reason to believe it will earn the annual distinction in 2020.

Enjoy more images from the second Joe Sgro Memorial Fun Run in the slideshow above.

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