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Catalina Island Fun Run On Tap Next Weekend

For the second year in a row, Southern California-based performance boat owners will head to Catalina Island for a casual fun run this month. Eliminator Boats Eagle V-bottom owner Corey Vodvarka and ace photographers Erick Bryner and Daren Van Ryte are organizing a June 17 jaunt to Catalina’s Avalon Harbor for lunch.

Participants will meet at the Maya Hotel in Long Beach near the South Shore Launch. Planned meeting time is 8 a.m., with departure to follow soon after.


Southern California powerboat owners are planning to make a lunch run from Long Beach to Catalina next weekend. Photo courtesy/copyright Erick Bryner/Firedrill Productions.

“If this weekend is any indication we may get lucky with the June gloom we’ve been having,” Bryner said. “It cleared up early and next weekend is supposed to be even nicer.”

Bryner said he is working on securing a photo helicopter for the event. Even if an aerial photo platform doesn’t work out, he and Van Ryte will shoot from boats stationed near the island after lunch at Descanso Bay.

“We did this run last year for the first time,” he continued. “LaveyCraft put it together. They didn’t want to do it this year and a bunch of guys were asking me about it, so we all decided to put it together.”

Bryner said that 30 boat owners so far have indicated that they will participate.

“Our plan is to head back by 2 p.m.,” he said. “With the late afternoon winds the crossing can get pretty rough, and that’s hard on the smaller boats.”

Additional information can be found on the Catalina Island Fun Run Facebook events page.

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