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Canopied Sit-Down 50, Extended-Cockpit Stand-Up 50 And More Coming From Outerlimits

With the exception of a single-engine SV 29 sportboat in production, Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats has primarily big-boat projects in the works at its home base in Bristol, R.I. Among the more noteworthy models in production is the first canopied SV 50 sportboat, which will be called the 50 SVX, and an SL 50 with an extended stand-up cockpit.


Currently getting painted at Visual Imagination, this Outerlimits SL 50 with an extended cockpit will have three rows of bolsters.

“The 50 SVX is going to have Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines,” said Kleitz. “It’s an all-carbon-fiber boat with our brand-new dash.

“The SL 50 with the extended cockpit is at Visual Imagination in Missouri right now getting painted,” he added. “It’s going to be powered by Mercury Racing 1350 engines and we should have it finished for a springtime delivery

Removing the stowage bin just forward of the 50-footer’s engine compartment gave Outerlimits enough space to add a third row of bolsters. The builder also included steps, which provide easy access to top of the engine hatch/sunpad, adjacent to the third row of bolsters.


Outerlimits first canopied sit-down cockpit 50-footer will be called the 50 SVX.

In addition to the the two 50-footers, Kleitz said the company has two SL 44 model—one an all-carbon model—in production and an order for a third stand-up 44-footer. as well as an SL 52 in production.

“We’ve been busy with new builds and service jobs ever since we got back from the Miami Boat Show,” said Kleitz. “A lot of people probably don’t know this about us, but for Outerlimits models only we offer rerigging, upholstery restoration, new dash installations and even dial-in services for clients who’d like to get a little more out of their setups.”

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