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Busy As Usual at Teague Custom Marine

As usual, a trip to Valencia, Calif.—the home of Teague Custom Marine— left me with plenty of story ideas for this month, next month and even next year. For example, George Ogden, a performance boater I’ve met several times between the Desert Storm Poker Run in his hometown of Lake Havasu City, Ariz., and the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Missouri, had his E-Ticket Performance Boats 29 Luxury Cat in the shop for an engine refresh and some transom and exhaust work.

tcm0417 sotw

A Magic deck boat, a Spectre sport cat and a 29-foot E-Ticket were front and center in the service bays at Teague Custom Marine.

After refreshing the engines from TCM 1025s to TCM 1100s, the team is rebuilding the IMCO Marine drives and completing an exhaust hole relocation along with a “laundry list” of gelcoat and fiberglass reinforcements between the stringers, bulkheads and transom. Once it leaves TCM, the boat is headed to ARKO Upholstery in Lake Havasu for an interior update. Ogden’s boat is definitely one I will be seeking out at Desert Storm in a month.

Aside from seeing the Teague family and the rest of the TCM crew whenever I stop by the shop, my favorite thing about visiting is checking out the variety of boats inside and outside the more than 30,000-square-foot facility. The assortment of engines is always cool, too.

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