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Busy As Can Be At Waves And Wheels

While in the process of wrapping up a couple of impressive Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats interior overhauls, the team at Waves and Wheels called upon local Lake of the Ozarks photographer Brad Glidewell to come shoot some detail images and overall pictures of the beautiful V-bottoms at The Boardwalk at Waves and Wheels in Osage Beach, Mo., earlier this week.


The talented team at Waves and Wheels recently wrapped up interior and stereo update projects on two Outerlimits models—an SL 44 (left) and a 51 GTX. Photos courtesy Brad Glidewell/Brad Glidewell Photography

Both owners—each of whom are proud of their first boats from the Rhode Island company founded by the late Mike Fiore—have had Justin Wagner and the team at Waves and Wheels work on previous boats, and each one is happy that they turned to the Waves and Wheels crew to update their pre-owned Outerlimits V-bottoms.

“The guys at Waves and Wheels did such a great job with my boat,” said Andy Robinette, the Illinois native who owns the 2010 SL 44 powered by twin Mercury Racing 1075SCi engines he calls Fuelish Addiction. “They did the massive stereo in my old Sunsation 32 Dominator and it was awesome, so when I bought the Outerlimits in October I took it straight to the lake, ran it for about 30 minutes and then put it back on the trailer and hauled it over to Waves and Wheels so they could start on the new interior and sound system.

“I loved the colors of the boat, but the interior was pretty dated,” he continued. “I had worked with Noah (Estes) on the stereo for my Sunsation so I told him I wanted a loud and outrageous system again and that’s exactly what I got. They came up with some design ideas to update the cockpit and cabin and I gave them my feedback and let them run with it. After all, they do great work and have way more experience than I do so I trusted them to get it right.”

The slideshow above includes several images of the Outerlimits SL 44, including a few “before” pictures.

Robinette, who has yet to see the finished boat in person because the Waves and Wheels team was waiting on the custom cockpit carpet kit to be delivered so they could install it, said he plans to take the 44-footer to several poker runs in 2020. Between receiving pictures and doing video conference calls throughout the project, he said the Waves and Wheels team exceeded his expectations.

Another repeat customer, Jim Morris said he’s always been impressed by the finished product and customer service provided by Waves and Wheels.

Morris and his wife, Amy, who live in Springfield, Mo., and spend as much time as they can at their second home on Lake of the Ozarks, said the timing was right over the offseason to upgrade the 51 GTX they’ve owned for three years and been working on for the last year and a half.

“The boat is practically brand new,” said Jim Morris, who had Mark Morris (no relation) and the team at Visual Imagination in Peculiar, Mo., apply a remarkable paintjob almost a year ago. “After Mark painted it, we took it to Waves and Wheels so they could upgrade a few things in the cockpit and start working on a design for when we brought the boat back in the offseason for the interior overhaul. We’ve also rebuilt the 1,050-hp engines, the drives and the transmissions, and updated the rigging. We’ve done the updates in phases, and we’re happy with how it’s all come together.

“The guys at Waves and Wheels have worked on some of our other boats over the years—our cruisers and wakeboard boats,” he continued. “We’ve built a great relationship with them; they’ve always done great work and their service is fantastic.”

Check out the slideshow above for more images of the Outerlimits 51 GTX.

Morris said he loves the patterns and stitching of the new upholstery, the LED lighting enhancements, the carpet kit, the new controls and switch panels, and the new-and-improved stereo system featuring the latest Bluave Marine Audio equipment such as EM9.0 coaxial speakers, MS-E 10 subwoofers and EM 2.0 speakers with color-changing covers.

Wagner said his team also installed the latest Bluave products in Robinette’s SL 44, including two pairs of MS-E 10 subwoofers under the four-person rear bench, plus a bunch of LED accent lighting and LED speaker grilles.

“Both of the Outerlimits turned out great,” Wagner said. “We have a lot of projects going on here right now and several more on deck—I’m so proud of my team and how well everyone is working together to turn out their best work to date. We’ve made some great progress on the 41-foot Apache Scalp Hunter (look for an update on the boat soon) and we’ve got a cool one-off Cigarette 31 Bullet we’re working on that just left Maryland Offshore Performance Marine Center, where it received a gorgeous paintjob. We also have the Showtime 36-foot canopied Skater catamaran here now that Maryland Offshore’s Andy Imhof owns. We’re updating the interior and building a new dash for the Skater. It’s going to be really cool.”

Wagner added that he and Imhof also have made some serious progress on his 46-foot Skater catamaran that is being converted to a pleasure boat. Stay tuned for a complete story on Wagner’s plans for the former offshore raceboat.

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