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Bullet 130 Hull And Deck Married, Next Up Pink Paint

With finished deck tooling created in house at Lilly Sport Boats in Arnold, Md., company owner Brit Lilly completed the first deck for his Bullet 130 V-bottom project yesterday. Today, the multi-talented, veteran offshore racer joined the first deck and hull for the 13’3” model.

Under the close watch of her mother, Amanda, Stella Rogue Lilly enjoyed her first moment on the deck of her new Bullet 130 sportboat.

“It’s screwed together now,” said Lilly, who as previously reported is naming the boat for his baby daughter, Stella Rogue. “We’re going to laminate them tomorrow.”

For power, Lilly is going with either a 50- or 60-hp outboard engine from Mercury Marine. As for paint, he’s looking to create something predominantly pink for his little girl.

“I want to come up with something that isn’t a Barbie-mobile,” said Lilly, who will apply the graphics via airbrush himself. “I have plenty of time to come up with something. I work on it when I can.”

For his next 13-footer, Lilly mused that he might go more aggressive with his power choice. That boat, he said, will be his own.

Lilly will finish laminating together the boat’s hull and deck tomorrow.

“I might go with a Mercury Racing 50R for that one,” he said, then laughed. “I think I’m going to make the Stella Rogue a family sedan.”

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