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Broken Arrow Apache Update: Rigging Nears Completion

Started more than a year ago, the restoration of Broken Arrow, a vintage 47-foot Apache V-bottom built in 1991, has reached another milestone. Engine compartment rigging for its triple 1,200-hp turbocharged powerplants from Chief Performance of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is nearly finished at Marine Performance in Port Orange, Fla.


Broken Arrow’s transom assemblies are complete and its No. 6 drives have been rebuilt. All photos courtesy Marc Jacob

High-performance powerboat and yacht broker Marc Jacob, who purchased the boat on behalf of a client in the Middle East and is overseeing its renovation visited the rigging shop last week. He said he expects renowned rigger John Pompi of Marine Performance to install the engines next week.

“The No. 6 drives were completely rebuilt and they look brand new, and the transom assemblies are finished,” Jacob said. “The batteries are installed, there are new trim tabs with new pumps and the fuel system is complete.

“John pretty much replaced everything,” Jacob added. “It’s pretty much a brand new boat. It has all-new deck hardware with custom pieces including flush-mount fuel fills.”

After the engines are installed, the 47-footer will be transported to Fineline Marine Interiors in Hallandale, Fla., where it will be outfitted with its new custom-made cockpit that includes a conversion of the original bolsters from manual to power and creating new heavy-duty seat bases, and cabin interior. Jacob estimated that Broken Arrow will be in the Fineline shop for a month before it goes back to Marine Performance for final testing.


If all goes to plan, triple turbocharged 1,200-hp Chief engines should be installed in the refurbished and rerigged engine compartment next week.

“Hopefully, John will run it and give it his blessing,” Jacob said. “And we’ll be done.”

Jacob said the while his client is patient and that there is “no hurry” to finish the project, he expects it to be complete this year.

“I would like to unveil Broken Arrow in the (Florida Powerboat Club’s) Poker Run Village in Key West (Fla.) during the Super Boat International Offshore World Championships in November,” he said.


This power plant is one of three 1,200-hp engines that will power the 47-footer once it’s finished.

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