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Bravo To Buffalo


Forget course coordinates and card stops and raft-up procedures. Important as those things are, they’re really not what the drivers’ meeting held before every poker run is about. You can even forget the part about drivers not touching a drop of alcohol until their boats are tied up at the dock at the end of the run, because though it absolutely has to be said those who don’t get it already never will.

Here is the nut of any drivers’ meeting before a poker run: It’s the last chance for an organizer to remind—and beg and plead, if necessary—everyone behind the wheel to be careful out there. Because while you can break down “careful” into myriad actions, techniques and awareness levels, it simply means, “Use caution.” And you could argue that every major accident that’s happened since poker runs took to the water could have been avoided if the people involved had done just that.

To deliver exactly that message this year, the organizers of the annual Buffalo Poker Run in Western New York are bringing in someone who knows exactly what he’s talking about.

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