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Bob Teague ‘Plays Hookie’ In The Delta In Recently Restored 21-Foot Schiada

A little more than five years ago, Speedonthewater.com reported about Bob Teague, owner and founder of Teague Custom Marine in Valencia, Calif., driving all the way to the New York-Canada border to pick up his former Schiada Boats 21 River Cruiser, which he built in 1987 and sold in 1997 to the same customer he bought it back from in 2013 (read the story).

tcm1018 schiada

Bob and Andrea Teague showed off their restored 21-foot Schiada, which they built in 1987, sold in 1997 and bought back in 2013, at yesterday’s Hookie Day on the California Delta. Photos courtesy Teague Custom Marine

Originally called Nothing Showing in homage to a command Teague and fellow firefighters used if there was a false alarm upon arriving at the scene and because its turbocharged engine was completely concealed under the hood, Teague’s restored 21-foot V-drive Schiada made its public debut on the water Friday at Hookie Day, an annual “boater’s skip day” event on the California Delta that has an underground feel to it since it’s not really an official, organized event. Hookie Day, according to Teague, is held on the first Friday or October and this year he believes there was a good 80 boats on hand, most of them being smaller river boats—although Rick Bowling turned out in Gone Again, his canopied 37-foot Talon catamaran.

Powered by a new carbureted—to maintain the nostalgia of the boat, Teague said—1,300-hp Teague Custom Marine engine, the boat has been a work in progress by the team at TCM for the past few years, and Teague couldn’t have been happier to have the boat back on the water after all these years.

“The boat is perfect—it’s been all re-plumbed, we installed the new engine and went through everything on the boat, even the trailer is practically brand new,” said Teague, who added that he and his wife, Andrea, were considering running their Skater Powerboats catamaran some 80 miles from Discover Bay to the San Francisco Bay to check out the Fleet Week air show happening today. “Of course the boat is much more modern than when we built it in 1987. We do things a little differently now than we did then (laughs). The boat has a completely modern fuel system, but we kept much of the old-fashion, era-appropriate components. We even have the Stellings headers still.”

Check out the slideshow above for more images of Teague’s Schiada 21 River Cruiser in the Delta yesterday, along with a “flashback shot” showing the Teague family (yes that’s little Cherilyn and John Teague in the boat) in front of their old river house in Parker, Ariz.

Teague said it’s hard to believe that at one time the Schiada was his only boat and then laughed in comparison to his current fleet, which includes a Skater pleasure boat and canopied raceboat, two Schiadas (this one and his Grand National raceboat), a new DCB M31 Widebody, a 40-foot Fountain Powerboats V-bottom and a Malibu ski boat.

“I’ll tell you what, this little Schiada is so much fun to drive,” Teague said. “It’s windy though—you definitely need goggles when you’re driving it. I kind of forgot about that. The boat runs really well. The 21 Schiadas have always handled great and continue to hold their own today.”

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