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BoaterMouth to Launch on November 24

If you’ve enjoyed reading my daily blogs on speedonthewater.com half as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them, you’re lucky. My goal is to provide you with something informative, useful and entertaining about high-performance boating five days a week. (Yes, I take weekends off, but you’re not online much then anyway … you save that for the office.)

But there’s a bigger picture here. My blog and the entire speedonthewater website are part of BoaterMouth.com, which is set to launch Tuesday. BoaterMouth consists of daily blogs written by marine journalists, each of whom has a specialty. Mine happens to be, if you haven’t guessed by now, high-performance. Makes sense, given that I’ve written for Powerboat magazine for more than 15 years.

Much as I love to think your boating world begins and ends with mine, I know it doesn’t. Some of you own yachts, so Diane Byrne’s BoaterMouth blog will be right up your alley. Some of you dig fishing, which means you’ll get tons out of the blogs written by Lenny Rudow and Pete MacDonald. Up for a yacht charter? Kim Kavin’s blog (Kim is the founder of BoaterMouth and Charterwave.com) will give you everything you need to know, every day. And for the world of marine electronics, you can’t do any better than Ben Ellison’s blog and website, panbo.com. I know you go-fast guys like to at least pretend you hate personal watercraft (but still own them and play on them), which is why you’ll get all kinds of great stuff from Jeff Hemmel’s blog.

You might recognize some of these names, and these are just half of the exceptional writers blogging for BoaterMouth every day. That’s because they’ve also written (and many of them still write) for marine magazines including Boating, Yachting, Power and Motoryacht and more. When it comes to their market segments, they are the best writers in the business. They’ll keep it fresh, five days a week, in real time.

Please check out BoaterMouth when it goes live Tuesday. Having been with Boats.com since it was founded and still contributing a bi-weekly column there, I can pretty much guarantee that BoaterMouth will be full of bugs. Let me know about them. You can email me through speedonthewater.com

 BoaterMouth is a new world in boating media. I think you’re going to love it.