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Boatermouth 2.0 Launched

Chances are, you get my daily blog either by visiting speedonthewater.com or the message boards of offshoreonly.com, where I link to my posts every day. And that’s great—I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you visiting those sites, as well as your support. But there’s another site—and it also has my daily blog—called Boatermouth.com that was launched a year ago this month, and the recently revised and redesigned version is definitely worth your time.

Here’s why: Most of you also own other aquatic rides in addition to performance boats such as center-console fishing boats and (gulp) personal watercraft. More than a few of you even own yachts. Much as I wish I could, I can’t provide informed, relevant and timely information on those worlds, much less the ancillary marine worlds of electronics, maintenance, do-it-yourself projects and gear.

But daily Boatermouth.com contributor and fishing expert Lenny Rudow has forgotten more about angling than most folks will ever know. Same goes for Boatmouth.com daily contributor Jeff Hemmel when it comes to personal watercraft and watersports and Kim Kavin, the founder of Boatermouth.com, when it comes to yacht chartering. (Did you know that with four or five other couples you can charter a yacht for the same per-couple cost of a middle-price-range cruise? Picked up that little gem from Kim—she even wrote a book about it.)

Boatermouth.com even has a couple of (gulp again) sailing experts in the persons of Charles Doane and Kimball Livingston.

And there are a total of 11 writers—each with a specialty—contributing every day on the Boatermouth.com team.

My point is that while I already know your passion is high-performance powerboating because you follow my blog, I suspect your boating world is bigger than that. Boatermouth.com is an excellent source of well-rounded and timely information that spans all boating segments.

Definitely worth a closer look. Of course, that would be after you read my blog. I know you have your priorities straight.