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Boat Name Dogs Senate Candidate

Over the years, I’ve seen some deeply tacky high-performance powerboat names—from “Money Shot” to “Wet Dream.” So on a 1-to-10 scale of tasteless boat names, “Sexy Bitch” rates about a 2—at least for me. It’s just not that offensive or controversial, relative to what’s out there.

Unless you’re currently running for the Connecticut seat on the United States Senate and happen to own a boat with those two words on the transom.

Such is the case, as I learned from today’s story on Soundings Trade Only, for would-be Connecticut Senator Linda McMahon. McMahon and her husband own the curiously named vessel, which was described in the Trade Only story as a “47-foot performance powerboat.”

OK, maybe the name of the boat isn’t all that curious. Until she stepped down last year, Linda McMahon was the chief executive officer of World Wrestling Entertainment, according to the biography on her website.

Now, having a reasonable command of who offers what in the go-fast boat world, I’m immediately thinking the boat is a Fountain, as Fountain is the only builder I know of who has a go-fast 47-footer in its line. To me, who built the boat is the most burning question of the entire “controversy.” (What do you expect? I write about “performance powerboats” for a living.) So I call Linda McMahon’s campaign office.

McMahon is in a meeting and can’t speak to me. The woman who answers my call seems taken aback by my question, “What brand of boat is Sexy Bitch?” The best she can do is describe the boat as “a personal asset of the McMahons,” and then transfer me to a gentleman named Sean McCoy.

Sean McCoy, too, seems a little put off by my question, and he promises to “try to get back” to me with an answer.

Good to his word, McCoy called me back about 30 minutes ago. “Yes, the boat is a Fountain,” he said.