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Boat Customs And Grant’s Signature Racing Tackling 52-Foot Skater Catamaran Renovation

Though their range of services is distinctly different, Boat Customs of Caledonia, Mich., and Bradenton, Fla-based Grant’s Signature Racing have at least one thing in common, a reputation for meticulous work. Boat Customs is known for exquisite paintjobs and fiberglass repair/renovation. Grant’s Signature Racing is one of the finest high-performance powerboat rigging and setup shops in the country.

The Boss Lady Skater should be ready in time for an early August debut at Skaterfest in Michigan.

And now they have something else in common—the ongoing renovation of a 52-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran built in 2013. The Mercury Racing 1350 engine-powered boat was purchased by Don Doty for his partner Carolann Kent, both of whom live in Howell, Mich.

“I saw it last summer and my daughter and I fell in love with the paintjob,” Kent said, then laughed. “So I kind of made Don buy it for me.”

The catamaran arrived at Boat Customs in the late fall. It remained there for the winter.

“The guys from Skater came down and pulled the engines,” said Chris Mills, the owner and founder of Boat Customs. “The drives went to CK Motorsports, where they were rebuilt. We removed most of the boat’s bustle, re-clear-coated the entire deck and hull sides and added Boss Lady—the boat is Carolann’s—to the deck. We painted the underside of the deck hatches, cleaned up the bilge and added a new Lee Aerospace windshield.”

“I asked Don if he was OK with putting Boss Lady on the deck, and he said, ‘Hey, it’s your boat,’” said Kent.

Check out more images of the boat as it progressed during its time at Boat Customs this winter.

The cat was hauled to Grant’s Signature Racing a couple of weeks ago. Jon Kasse Racing Engines of Winder, Ga., is rebuilding the turbocharged, 1,350-hp engines. Jamie Borg of Florida-based Cutting Edge Interiors is creating an all-new interior with sculpted carpet and more for the now-50-footer. Grant Bruggemann and his crew are handling the rest of the renovation

“We going to replace all the gauges, custom paint the throttles to match the color scheme, install new LED lights in the cockpit, updating the stereo and adding SeaDek,” he said. “We’re not doing a complete re-rig, but we are replacing some of the hoses and wires. And we’re going to add fender storage racks to make things easier around the docks.

“We’re just waiting for the engines to come back from Kasse so we can reinstall them,” he added.

If current plans hold, the Boss Lady Skater will debut during Skaterfest, August 12, in St. Clair Shores, Mich. Doty may also bring his own Skater 426 catamaran to the event.

Cutting Edge Interiors is in the process of creating a new interior to replace the original (above)

“When both of us are in one of the boats, Jim Lee (of Lee Aerospace fame) will run the other boat—Don and Jim have become really good friends,” said Kent. “But Don and I both agreed that whatever boat we’re in, only one of us will do the driving and the throttling.

“We’ll see how that works out,” she added, then laughed again.

Speedonthewater.com will follow this project as it progresses and report on its Skaterfest debut.

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