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Bluave Marine Audio Equipment Debuts at IBEX

With the assistance of some of the best sound engineers in the world, Justin Wagner, the owner of Waves and Wheels in Osage Beach, Mo., introduced Bluave Marine Audio, a new line of pro audio equipment engineered exclusively for the marine industry, last week at the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) in Tampa, Fla.

Pronounced Blue-Wave, Bluave Marine Audio was born from Wagner’s 20-plus years of product development knowledge and installation experience.


The new line of Bluave Marine Audio equipment was showcased at the IBEX show in Tampa, Fla., last week.

“I’ve been an audio enthusiast since I was a teenager,” Wagner explained while still on a high during his drive home from IBEX last Friday. “I had the privilege to work at Orion and Precision Power in the late ’90s and since then I’ve always wanted to create my own line of product. This is a pretty exciting time for our company and myself.

“Everyone who came over to our IBEX demo to hear the new product was blown away,” he continued. “I really believe we’ve created the perfect marine-rated products that give you both sound volume and sound quality at the highest levels possible. Don’t get me wrong, there is some great product out there—including stuff Waves and Wheels carries and doesn’t carry—but a lot of it either sounds great or is super loud, nothing does both.”

Wagner said his company’s years of installation and acoustics knowledge is what led to the development of the Bluave products, which include coaxials, subwoofers and vented sub enclosures. He also said he’s proud to offer a couple of “industry firsts” in the Bluave lineup, including a 9-inch coaxial and a true marine audio 15-inch subwoofer designed for free-air applications as well as vented enclosures. He’s also proud to provide “plastic-free” products.

“Plastic is for Tupperware not speakers, which is why we only use fiberglass and poly blends in our coaxial cones and baskets,” Wagner said. “The only way to get the best performance from audio equipment is to use the best components available, which is what we’ve done.

“I truly believe that our experience with Waves and Wheels is what sets Bluave Marine Audio apart from other equipment manufacturers—it’s the best R&D department anyone could ask for,” he continued. “We’ve been hands-on with this stuff for so long that we’re building products that we know we need.”

Wagner, who said he’s been working on the Bluave product line for more than two years, added that several manufacturers have expressed interest in using Bluave components in their boats and that he’s already lined up a dealer network of at least 10 marine audio installation shops across the country that will be authorized to sell and install Bluave equipment.

“Our distributor, MITO Corporation, is going to handle distribution for the OEM builders,” he said. “We’ll be the authorized dealer here at Lake of the Ozarks, and outside of that people can buy the product from an authorized dealer.”

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