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Big Thunder Marine Excited to Be Latest Statement Dealer

Adding to its extensive line of offerings, Big Thunder Marine in Osage Beach, Mo., has two new Statement Marine center consoles on order for its first line of business as the latest dealer for the St. Petersburg, Fla., performance boat builder.

statement btm38

The new Statement Marine 380 center console coming to Big Thunder Marine this summer is going to feature an incredible paint job with metallic saphire over pearl white with silver surfer outlines.

The company behind the historic Big Thunder Marina, not to mention Tritoon Town and Glencove Marina, is excited to be able to offer the sporty and luxurious 35- and 38-foot center consoles from Statement to complement its other new boat brands, which include the Iconic Marine Group of Baja, Donzi and Fountain, not to mention JC, Manitou, Monterey, South Bay and Triton.

“We feel like the Statement models are going to fit perfectly in our performance boat line,” said Jeremy Anderson, general manager of Big Thunder Marine. “They are good, high-quality center consoles with tremendous versatility, significant appeal at the docks and a nice open feel with great seating options.”

According to Craig Barrie of Statement, Big Thunder’s first two models—a 380 with triple Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines and a 350 with twin engines (likely the 400Rs)—are expected to be delivered to one of his favorite places, the popular Lake of the Ozarks, in the next two to three months.

statement btm35

Big Thunder Marine also has a new 35-foot center console coming from Statement.

“The richness of having Big Thunder Marine and the team over there sell our product is extraordinary,” Barrie said. “Obviously Big Thunder is such an iconic name in performance boating at the lake, which, for a number of reasons, is my favorite place to visit. Not only does Lake of the Ozarks have so many types of performance boats and so many areas to explore, it has a ton of history and an incredible amount of wonderful people. A lot of the Cigarettes and Donzis from back in the day ended up at the lake so it’s like coming home for me.

“When Nick (Buis, one of Statement’s owners) and I were discussing this deal, we talked about what an awesome presence Big Thunder has at the lake and how there is so much history there,” he continued. “I think Big Thunder and Statement is a cool marriage. I’m looking forward to working with the team as well as the opportunity to expand our brand and really get behind Big Thunder with all the boat shows and other events they take part in.”

Barrie, who plans to be at the lake in August for the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, called the Big Thunder presence a “gift” for the team at Statement because he believes the potential at and well beyond the Lake of the Ozarks is enormous.

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