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Big Thunder Marine Delivers New 32-Foot Fountain Catamaran

It didn’t take long for Wayne and Melissa Robison—an experienced performance boating couple who call Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks home—to come to a decision about their next boat following the recent BFD (Baja, Fountain & Donzi) Fun Run hosted by Big Thunder Marine in Lake Ozarks, Mo.


Missouri performance boaters Wayne and Melissa Robison are impressed with the new Fountain Powerboats 32 Thunder Cat they purchased from Big Thunder Marine recently. Photo courtesy Big Thunder Marine

After making the initial decision to stick with a catamaran—Robison said he was very close to purchasing a used Cigarette Racing Team 38 Top Gun a few weeks ago—he got the opportunity to drive Big Thunder Marine’s Fountain Powerboats 32-foot catamaran demo model during the BFD Fun Run and had a blast. So the Robisons, who also own a 36-foot Concept Boats center console with twin Mercury Marine Verado 275 engines, traded in their 36-foot Spectre Powerboats catamaran for the new outboard-powered 32-foot cat that Fountain had on display during the Miami International Boat Show.

Powered by twin Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines, just like the orange demo model, the new 32-foot cat was just what the Robisons needed according to Wayne, an experienced catamaran owner.

Check out the slideshow above for more images of the 32-foot Fountain courtesy of Wayne Robison and Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

“I decided it was time to pull the trigger on a new boat and pass along the twin Ilmor 625-powered Spectre cat I liked so much that I actually owned it twice—I had a couple of Eliminators in between and went back to the 36 Spectre,” Wayne said. “After getting some seat time in the Fountain, I was sold. The boat is one of the most fun boats I’ve ever ran, and I felt just as comfortable running it down the lake on a busy day as I did in my 36-footer.”

Wayne said he is excited about the outboard-powered Fountain for a variety of reasons, which includes the Verado 400R engines’ unparalleled power and warranty, the 32-footer’s overall handling and fun factor, and the boat’s more friendly fuel consumption compared to his inboard-powered cat.

“We got our feet wet, so to speak, with the outboard engines thanks to our 36-foot Concept, so we could easily justify the switch to an outboard-powered cat,” Wayne said. “The Verado 400Rs are impressive motors. They’re very responsive and the boat, which doesn’t have any bad manners, handles the power really well. I’m not too concerned with going fast, I care more about how the boat handles and accelerates.”

Like their past boats, the Robisons plan to use the Fountain 32 Thunder Cat on Lake of the Ozarks as frequently as possible, as well as take the boat to various poker runs and fun runs across the country.

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