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Best Of Both Worlds: DCB M37R And Nor-Tech 390 In The Works For Alabama Customer

In July 2018, Steve and Kelly Marino of Auburn, Ala., took delivery of an elegant DCB M35 Widebody catamaran powered by twin Mercury Racing 1100 engines. It was their second creation from the El Cajon, Calif., company—the first being an M28R cat powered by Mercury Racing 400R outboards.

Currently for sale, Steve and Kelly Marino’s DCB M35R (above) will be replaced by a DCB M37R catamaran and a Nor-Tech 390 Sport center console. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Now the 35-footer, dubbed Twin Ladies for their twin six-year-old daughters, is for sale. But that doesn’t mean the Marino family is out of the DCB family. They have an M37R Widebody cat with Mercury Racing 450R outboards in the works. That build—hull No. 10 for the 37-foot full-tunnel model—should be finished in December.

And with their order for a Nor-Tech 390 Sport center console, which they’ll take delivery of during the company’s late-April dealer meeting and 30th anniversary celebration in Fort Myers, Fla., they’ll soon join another boat-brand family.

“This was an amazing year for us,” Steve Marino said. “We realized how important boats are to our lives. Even without all the events, we could get on our boat and have fun with our family and friends.

“Having a sport catamaran and a center console is the best of both worlds,” he added.

The Marinos first experienced a Nor-Tech 390 Sport center console at the Florida Powerboat Club Emerald Coast Poker Run last August while running their M35R in the event. During the week, Kelly Marino met Geoff Tomlinson, Nor-Tech’s dealer manager. Tomlinson secured a ride for Kelly, who was followed by Steve in the cat, in a 390 model owned by loyal Nor-Tech customers Pam and Todd Martin.

Owned by Pam and Todd Martin, this 39-footer sold the Marinos on the Nor-Tech center console line.

“We have been talking about getting a center console so we could take more people with us,” she said. “We were running 80 mph and going right through the waves and I told Steve about it.”

“I had a different ride behind them,” Steve added, then laughed.

Among the amenities that sold them on the Nor-Tech was its second row of bolsters and Club Sport seating setup.

“I also talked to Jeff Johnston at DCB about Nor-Tech—we are on our third DCB and there is no better boat out there,” he said. “Jeff said, ‘Geoff Tomlinson and the Nor-Tech crew are good people.’ That meant a lot.”

As they did with their DCB M35R, they will name their M37R Twin Ladies. The center console, however, will be getting a different handle.

“We’re calling it Calm Down,” Kelly Marino said, then chuckled. “You have to know Steve, but sometimes he needs to calm down. He’s very obsessive about things.”

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