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BBLADES Showcasing 5-SPEED Propellers In Miami

Following up on last year’s successful debut of its 4-SPEED four-blade propeller line at the 2017 Miami International Boat ShowBBLADES Professional Propellers of Princeton, Wis., will unveil is new 5-SPEED five-blade prop line at the annual Miami event next week at Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key. Company principal Brett Anderson said he’s looking forward to getting the 15-1/-inch diameter five-blades, which initially will be offered in even-number pitches from 24 to 36 inches, into the field.


BBLADES company owner and founder will be taking orders for his new 5-SPEED propellers at the upcoming Miami International Boat Show.

“We’ll be taking orders for testing or purchasing in Miami, as well as over the phone, and build them to order until we can start creating inventory—just like we did with the 4-SPEED propeller line,” he said. “This 5-SPEED is the big brother to the 4-Speed. It’s the same propeller geometry in a five-blade version. We’ve had prototypes in testing for more than three years so we’ve had plenty of on-water time.

“We will build them on a first-desired basis,” he added. “We’ll build them as fast as we can within the context of maintaining all of our day-to-day customer service from propeller repairs to lab-tuning.”

Investment-cast from 15-5-grade stainless steel, the 5-SPEED props feature a long straight exhaust tube and can “increase overall hull lift and time to plane and improve, cruise speed, fuel efficiency and trim reaction,” according to a press release from BBLADES.

“The new BBLADES 5-SPEED five-blade propeller uses 21st century geometry to improve the efficiency and performance of today’s deep V, multi-stepped and air entrapment hulls,” the release stated. “What it means is better hole-shot and time-to-plane, with improved fuel economy in the mid-range. The variable cord length across the blade area, a true 15-1/2-inch diameter casting and a long, straight exhaust tube can mean an additional 2 mph to 8 mph at cruise. The larger diameter helps the blades hook up in the aerated water produced by stepped and air entrapment hulls and for drives and outboards mounted at aggressive X-dimensions.”

For customers who require odd-number pitch sizes for the five-propellers, BBLADES can custom tune them to those specifications.

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