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BBLADES Introducing Modular ‘Workhorse’ Propeller In Miami

Though it likely won’t have much application in the sportboat world beyond being a “get home” propeller, the new BBLADES Professional Propellers Six-Shooter prop that will be on display at the Princeton, Wis., company’s exhibit during next week’s Miami International Boat Show is an intriguing go-to alternative when an emergency replacement wheel is needed.

bbladessixshooter 01

Blades for the Six-Shooter propeller can we swapped out without any special tools (click image to enlarge).

The key to the composite alloy six-blade propeller is its modular design, which not only enables owners to change pitch by swapping out blades but completely disassemble the entire unit for easy stowage. Blades can be exchanged without tools, according to a press release from the company, and without having to remove the propeller from the boat’s lower unit.

According to the release, the Six-Shooter is suitable for Mercury Marine Alpha and Bravo One drives, Volvo SX drives and OMC Cobra drives, as well as V-6 outboards from Mercury, Yamaha, Johnson and Evinrude in the 135- to 250-hp range.

Price is $99 per propeller. Replacement blades cost $10 each, which means, according to the release, the end-user “can have a ‘second propeller’ for just $60.” The right-hand rotation wheels with 13-3/4-, 14- and 14-1/2-inch hub are offered in 15-, 17-, 19- and 21-inch pitches.

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