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Battleship Run Quietly Turns 33

Though it hasn’t received much national media exposure, the annual Battleship Run produced by the Upstate New York-based Rochester Powerboat Offshore Powerboat Association has been quietly happening for more than 30 years—33 years to be precise, thanks to last Saturday’s happening on Seneca Lake. That’s a significant milestone for any go-fasting boating event, and this time around it attracted approximately 45 boats according to photographer Rodney Olson, who captured the run.

The 2023 Battleship Run attracted a wide-ranging, 45-boat fleet last weekend. Photos by Rodney Olson copyright Veteran Graphics.

Brands in the fleet included Cigarette Racing Team, Doug Wright Powerboats, Fountain Powerboats, Skater Powerboats, Sonic Boats and more. There were even a couple of canopied raceboats—the Super Stock-class CoCo’s Monkey catamaran owned by Pete Bogino and the Bracket 300-class Strictly Business V-bottom owned by Ryan DeWaters—in the mix.

“This is starting to really become a generational run,” Olson explained. “It was neat to see more kids getting involved with the run with their parents this year as the baton needs to be handed off at some point if this run is to continue.”

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Enjoy more images from the 33rd annual Battleship Run.

The key to the longevity and attraction of the Battleship Run, he added, is that it has long-maintained its low-key “family” atmosphere and camaraderie.

“It doesn’t matter what brand or size boat you have, when the chips are down everyone is here to have a great time and help each other out,” Olson said. “Some boats suffered attrition even before the run started, but those participants were quickly welcomed—without question—on other boats.”

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