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Ballough Excited About New 32-Foot Victory Pleasure Boat

“Second to none.” That’s how veteran offshore racer Gary Ballough described his new pleasure boat—a 32-foot Victory Team-built catamaran based off the Dubai-based company’s outboard-powered raceboat.

Offshore racer Gary Ballough can’t wait to start dialing in his 32-foot pleasure boat from Victory Team. Photos courtesy Gary Ballough

That statement says a lot considering Ballough, who raced his new FJ Propeller-sponsored Victory cat in the Super Stock class during the 2019 American Power Boat Association Offshore Championship Series, has owned race and pleasure boats from a variety of excellent boatbuilders over the years.

“The construction of the boat is second to none and the attention to detail is amazing—it’s a fantastic boat, and when you see how it’s built, it’s easy to see why it is so great,” Ballough said. “After having my new raceboat, I fell in love with it because of how incredible it handles and how solid it feels. It really is extraordinary and I’ve been in lot of different boats over the years. The boat just works; it does everything well and the bottom is remarkable.”

Ballough received the 32-footer—which “fits like a glove” on the trailer from MYCO Trailers, his fourth trailer from the Bradenton, Fla., company—two and a half weeks ago and has set it up to the best of his abilities before it on Monday for TNT Custom Marine in North Miami where the rigging for the twin Mercury Racing 300R engines is going to be finished along with the Latham Marine steering and Garmin monitors. Of course, he can’t wait to get it back and start testing.

Check out the slideshow above for more images of Ballough’s new Victory cat.

The boat, according to Ballough, is different than the pleasure catamarans Victory currently offers because it was built from the raceboat molds, which is how he wanted it so it could double as a test platform for his raceboat. He expects the Super Stock class to transition to the 300-hp engines in the near future.

“I’ve enjoyed my Victory so much that I wanted one of their pleasure boats so they made a one-off 32 for me,” said Ballough, who added that the engines are mounted on STR X-Act brackets and the interior is being handled by the team at Fineline Marine Interiors. “The deck is cut down a little from the raceboat design and I had it painted white so we can put decals on it. For now, I’ll probably just put GB Racing on it or FJ Propeller.

“On March 14, I flew over to the factory in Dubai to arrange shipping and was lucky to get out of the country since it was right when the pandemic hit,” he added. “I got out just in time and was pretty fortunate that the boat was put on a ship before their country was locked down.”

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