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Axopar Going Bigger With 45 XC Cross Cabin

By traditional powerboat standards, at least in the United States market, models from Axopar Boats have an unusual look. The Finland-based company’s current models, all of which are outboard engine-powered and range from 22 to 37 feet long, boast a distinctive wedge-shaped hull with a narrow bow, either squared off or gently round at the tip.

Debuting this week in Mallorca, Spain, the 45 XC Cross Cabin is the largest model in the Axopar line.

But the company is rapidly expanding its footprint in the U.S. powerboat market—they’ve even been seen on a few Florida Powerboat Club poker runs. And with its new 45 XC Cross Cabin model, the company is hoping to further bolster its stateside presence.

The 45-footer debuted Thursday at Axopar Customer Days in Port Calanova, Mallorca, Spain, which closes on May 1 like the concurrent Palma de Mallorca International Boat Show. And the company’s leadership is bullish on the new offering.

“Over the years, we have proven that Axopar is able to disrupt the industry by building boats that stand out through their looks, handling and performance,” said Jan-Erik Viitala, the founding partner of Axopar Boats, in a press release from the company. “Our designers have done it once again with the new Axopar 45 range, which will take the motor boat market by storm.”

John Tokar owns a 37-foot Axopar as well as a canopied Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats SV 43 sportboat. His friend and fellow Michigander, Mike Lucas, owns a SC 39 Outerlimits catamaran and also bought a 37-footer from the Finnish company.

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Longtime performance boat owners John Tokar and Mike Lucas have added 37-foot Axopar models to their fleets.

“We both wanted a closed pilot house for Lake Michigan boating—it can be cold out there on a 80-degree day,” said Tokar, who enjoys most of his boating with his wife, Julie. “You can sit inside with the doors closed and roof open and run at 50 mph and talk with friend. You can run the boat wide open and it turns on a dime. There’s no bow lift and it cuts through the water like a sailboat. It is the best boat we have ever bought.

“The new, bigger one is on my want list,” he added, then laughed.

Power options for the new model begin with triple 300-hp Verado outboards from Mercury Marine. With that propulsion package, the 45-footer cruises between 19 and 45 knots.

Standard features on the Axopar 45 XC Cross Cabin include gullwing doors that forge a seamless connection with the outdoors and an adjustable wet bar and table in the cabin for more flexible use of space. Owners can open the dual electric sliding canvas roofs and double sliding doors to let in the sea breeze and the sun’s warming rays, according to the release, and they also can close the doors and roofs to relax in the shade.

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