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Aussie Offshore Racers Heading To New Zealand In 2016—And Vice Versa

With the last event of the six-round 2015 Australian Offshore Superboat Championship season completed last weekend in Hervey Bay, Queensland—see the final standings below—several teams from the series will be headed to race for the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corp) Cup in New Zealand early next year. That’s the word from Australian offshore racer/speedonthewater.com contributor Conn Saloumidis.


The final round of the 2015 OSC series from Hervey Bay (above) is in the books and the series is looking solid for 2016.

“Four or five boats are going to New Zealand to race for the ANZAC Cup,” said Saloumidis. “The boats at this stage are Team 3, Maritimo, Hogs Breath, 222 Offshore and Yellow Brick Road.

“They will race a minimum of four races in New Zealand and then the boats will be shipped back with three or four New Zealand boats including Pro Floors, Barely Legal and AB Marine at this point to compete in the Australian OSC series, which begins in Bowen July 23-24. With most of our boats back up and running for the 2016 series, we believe we will have up to 15 boats competing in the series next year.”

The final standings for the 2015 Australian OSC series are:

Supercat Extreme

1. Maritimo—Ross Willaton and Travis Thompson
2. Yellow Brick Road—Brendon and Chris Frier
3. Team 3—Tom Barry-Cotter and Steve Jellick

Supercat Outboard (600 hp)
1. Hogs Breath Offshore Racing—Jim Harris and Paul Fowlds
2. Team 88 Offshore—Micheal and Gryff Ethell
3. SUV Ram Trucks—Conn and Conn Saloumidis

Hogs Breath Offshore Racing—Jim Harris and Paul Fowlds

Editor’s Note: Speedonthewater.com plans to carry the available Australian OSC series broadcasts in 2016. We thank the series organizers, as well as contributor Conn Saloumidis, for the opportunity. We also thank EMB Photographics for the outstanding images from several races.

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