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APBA Launches New Digital Initiatives

With 109 years under its belt, the American Power Boat Association (APBA) has set out to make history by looking toward its future. In partnership with digital marketing agency Crown, the APBA announced that it has reached noteworthy milestones as part of a three-year digital transformation program: the launch of a new website and social community.

APBA has a completely new website and social platform.

APBA has a completely new website and social platform.According to the press release, the site houses the association’s new social community and all forthcoming awareness efforts. APBA member and Crown CEO Richard Hearn forged the partnership in a joint effort to revive its previously shrinking numbers through the same digital tactics that have resulted in increased profitability and customer engagement for Crown clients.

“The APBA and its members are extremely happy with the huge strides taken in such a short time,” said Dan Wiener, APBA’s executive director, in the release. “We have seen nothing but dedication and tireless efforts from Richard and his team. They truly embrace everything that the APBA stands for. With the rich history of the APBA and the technical/marketing savvy of Crown, we are looking forward to working together to grow the sport of powerboat racing over the coming years.”

Headquarted in Eastpointe, Mich., the APBA has more than 3,500 active members and sanctions 150-plus races nationwide for everything from Unlimited hydroplanes to junior class races starting at age 9. Its three-year goal is to grow its membership to 5,000 members by 2015.

That’s a lofty goal, but with revamped online presence, growing social activity and ongoing email marketing initiatives, the APBA hopes to unify a fragmented membership base, provide added value to members and improve the overall visitor experience, in turn making the sport more attractive to fans and participants alike.

“As a racer myself, I have a personal interest in seeing the long-term success of this association, and I’m pleased that Crown is able to partner with the APBA to grow this sport together,” Hearn said.