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APBA Driving School Provides a Taste of Racing

The American Power Boat Association (APBA) is hosting its annual driving school for aspiring boat racers and fans alike from May 3 to 5 at Eastwood State Park in Dayton, Ohio.

Chris Fairchild, a well-known and well-respected racer, instructs a student at a previous APBA driving school. Photo by F. Peirce Williams

Chris Fairchild, a well-known and well-respected racer, instructs a student at a past APBA driving school. Photo by F. Peirce WilliamsAccording to the APBA, the school is an ideal way for powerboat racing enthusiasts to get in the water and experience the ride of a lifetime in the cockpit at speeds near 100 mph without a significant financial investment. Boat racing has been enjoyed by many for more than 100 years and individuals will receive a memorable introduction to the thrilling sport.

“We have world-class instructors who have been racing for years and are multiple-time world champions, national champions and world record holders teaching our students,” said Dan Wiener, APBA’s executive director. “Learning from the top drivers in the world, many of our students have gone on to become successful and competitive APBA drivers.”

After being capsule trained in the Wright State University pool and one day of classroom instruction, students will have to opportunity to gear up like the pros and solo pilot a 5-litre inboard hydroplane with guidance from instructors via radio headset. Participants can build speed, skill and confidence, as well as network with other students and drivers. At the end of the class, students will receive a year’s membership to APBA, along with a subscription to Propeller Magazine.

For more information, visit the APBA Driving School page or contact APBA Executive Director Dan Wiener at 586-773-9700 or [email protected].