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Another Unique Lavey Craft

Add the latest performance boat from Lavey Craft Motorsports to a lengthy list of unique models to come out of the Corona, Calif., facility over the past few decades. Because it is the first outboard-powered Lavey Craft, Michael Drury’s 2750 NuEra that he took delivery of at the Desert Storm Poker Run in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., about a month ago is right up there with the 28 Evo-R canopied raceboat that is still being campaigned by Team Woody as well as the largest, and arguably most beautiful, boat in the Lavey lineup, the one-and-only 39 Evo.

laveycraft drury1 sotw

The first outboard-powered Lavey Craft 2750 NuEra looked at home on Arizona’s Lake Havasu in April. Photo courtesy Lavey Craft Motorsports

To say that the gorgeous 27-foot mid-cabin V-bottom, which is powered by twin Mercury Racing OptiMax 300XS engines, took a little extra work by the team at Lavey Craft would be bogus. It actually took quite a bit of time between the transom modifications and updates required at the helm to accommodate twin engines. Not to mention the learning curve that goes into setting up the first outboard-powered boat in a company’s lineup, especially when said boat has always been a single-engine inboard configuration.

Following all of the work that went into getting the boat to Lake Havasu so Drury and his wife, Melanie, could enjoy a few days on the lake before hauling it home to Mississippi to do their hometown Tickfaw 200 Poker Run (Osyka, Miss., is just north of New Orleans), the team at Lavey Craft was visibly proud to debut the new outboard-powered model at the Desert Storm Street Party.

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