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Another Strong Showing For Rescheduled Lake Cumberland Thunder Run

It wasn’t the numbers the Lake Cumberland Powerboat Club organizers were used to, but considering they had to push the event date back a month and work tirelessly with the host venue, State Dock Marina, and several agencies, including the state of Kentucky governor’s office (something they’ve never had to do before), because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Justin Lucas and Dan Weiss of the Lake Cumberland Thunder Run in Jamestown, Ky., were grateful for the support they received from participants and sponsors.

During this year’s Lake Cumberland Thunder Run in Kentucky, there were several impromptu raft-ups that took place along the lake. Photo courtesy Don James

“This year was definitely a challenge with the guidelines we were given and we appreciate everyone’s understanding and support,” Lucas said, adding that the event had 73 boats registered, which was less than half of what he’s come to expect for mid-June run over the last few years. “We literally got the official ‘go ahead’ a week before the run. I don’t know what much else to say about it except that it happened and they let us do it. I’d much rather have done it the way we did, though, than have had to cancel it.

“We are looking forward to next year, and providing the Thunder Run experience everyone is accustomed to enjoying,” he continued. “There were several things—such as online only registration and T-shirts pre orders so people can get the exact size they want and so we don’t have 100 T-shirts leftover—that we’re going to implement for future events.”

Check out the slideshow above for more images from the Lake Cumberland Thunder Run. Photos courtesy Bill Day, Philip Hay, Christian Moates and Kristin Underwood.

Lucas said that registration, which included a packet with face masks, hand sanitizer and lunch and dinner tickers, and the run itself went smooth with designated group starts and a box lunch to go from Fishtales, the designated lunch stop. And although the event was not able to have a giant party as it normally would, Lucas said plenty of people made their own parties at their dock.

“We really appreciated all of the sponsors that stuck with us and stepped up even though nobody was sure if the run was really going to happen,” he said. “Everyone wanted to be able to help and no one was looking for refunds. We worked hard to give them their money’s worth.”

The poker run winners included Pete Ricart (first place), Mike Urick (second place), Jess Ford (third place), Greg Roberts (fourth place) and Brandon Witt (fifth place).

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