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An Erie Hunch


With three events this season, Lake Erie will be a hub of go-fast boating activity in summer 2016. Photo courtesy/copyright Tim Sharkey/Sharkey Images.

Unmatched for its quantity go-fast boating events in the winter, Florida tends to go a little south, so to speak, in the summer. Obscene heat and humidity make getting outside—even on the water—less than appealing for most folks, including the locals who are used to it. That, plus beautiful weather in regions of the country that actually have winter, account for the dramatic fall-off of organized boating event in the Sunshine State during the summer months.

So why not head to the Northeast for an event or two? In fact, if you go north this summer you’ll have three solid options on Lake Erie.

Of course, you’ve heard about the Buffalo Poker Run, which thanks to the extraordinary graciousness and hospitality of its hosts, meaning the members of the Western New York Offshore Powerboat Association, has become one of the most talked-about and planned-for performance-boating events in the country. While longtime organizer Tony Scioli is no longer the point man for the run, WYNOPA president Steve Mckie is working with a new organizer to ensure the mid-summer event, which happens Aug. 12-13 this year, continues to please its participants and sponsors. (Scioli said he also will assist with the organizational transition this year.) Registration is limited to 100 boats.

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