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Alvarez Reunites with Shootout-Winning Eliminator 25 Daytona

On Wednesday morning, Brendan Alvarez boarded a plane from his new location in Sarasota to Los Angeles. By mid-day, he was at the Eliminator Boats factory in Mira Loma, Calif., dropping off an old friend—the 25-foot Daytona catamaran he bought new in 2008 and sold in 2014, the same single-engine rocket he ran up to 134 mph at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in 2013.

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Florida’s Brendan Alvarez traveled to California this week to get his Eliminator Boats 25 Daytona back. Photos courtesy Brendan Alvarez

Alvarez, of PSI Racing in Sarasota, Fla., said he received an email last week from the customer/friend who purchased his boat two years ago, asking him if he’d be interested in buying the boat back. While he’d been kicking around some ideas to put together a new Eliminator 27 Speedster to showcase another in-line six-cylinder turbocharged PSI Racing engine, he said the deal to bring the 25-footer back home was too good to pass up.

“A week later, Mike Fountain, of Fountain Race Engines (also in Sarasota), and I are getting on a plane to LAX so I can buy my ‘first born’ back,” said Alvarez, who is leaving the boat at Eliminator for the time being to have the interior freshened up to 2017 standards. “Lucky for me, the boat went to Lake Elsinore, which is only 20 minutes from Eliminator. It made it easy for us to leave it with Bob (Leach) and Fear (Bivian) of Eliminator.”

Check out the slideshow above for images Alvarez took of the 25-footer after picking it up on Wednesday.

According to Alvarez, everyone at Eliminator was excited to see the boat in person since many of them had only seen videos of the cat. He confirmed that once the boat gets back to Florida he is going to begin working on a new engine program for the “reborn” 25 Daytona with help from Fountain Race Engines. The program will include new state-of-the-art Haltech Engine Management Systems, which Alvarez said is what PSI Racing uses to power all of its drag car engines.

Editor’s note: Speedonthewater.com will follow along as the transformation of the 25 Daytona takes place.

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