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Alex and Ani and Envy Raising the Stakes $10,000 for Clearwater Race

Call it a friendly rivalry between offshore racing teams who share the same engine builder—Super Boat International Unlimited-class competitors Alex and Ani and Envy are adding a little intra-class drama to the upcoming SBI National Championships (Sept. 25-27) in Clearwater, Fla. Envy team owner Chris Cox and Alex and Ani’s Jimmy Cazzani reportedly are putting $10,000 on which raceboat—Cox’s 50-foot Mystic or Cazzani’s 42-foot Platinum—will finish ahead of the other in Clearwater.


Will Envy with supercharged Stotler Racing Engines finish ahead of Alex and Ani and take the $10,000? Photo by Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

Both catamarans are powered by engines built by Herb Stotler of Stotler Racing Engines. But while Envy is running supercharged engines in the 1,500-hp range Alex and Ani is running turbocharged mills reportedly making approximately 1,900 hp.

“Chris is sweating the turbos ‘cause he knows Herb is onto something,” Cazzani said, then laughed. “I have the experimental turbo power we hope will challenge Mercury Racing’s exotic 1650s. Herb has upgraded Chris’ supercharged engines.”

Cox, who currently is 100 miles offshore on a three-day deep-sea fishing trip, announced the $10,000 challenge via his Facebook page last night. Details of how it will play out and where the money ultimately will end up, most likely going to charity according to Cazzani, have not been announced.


Or will Alex and Ani prevail on turbocharged Stotler power and leave with the cash? Photo by Jay Nichols/Naples Image

Cazzani said “the bet” is really about making things more fun for the teams and their fans, as well as incorporating a to-be-announced “public service” component.

“It isn’t about the money,” Cazzani said.

For Alex and Ani, Clearwater will be the first race of the season. For Envy, it will be the team’s third appearance of 2015—Cox and the team came to the season-opener in Cocoa Beach, Fla., but was sidelined by a mechanical issue and ran the last SBI race in Michigan City, Ind.

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