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Image of the Week: Low-Tech Head-Cooling System

No matter how much synthetic fiber-based breathable clothing, water-circulated “cool suits” and more evolve, when it comes to cooling your noggin it’s hard to beat a cold towel on the head. Just ask former powerboat racer Richard Knarich, Sr. Courtesy of Mark Rotharmel, this photo shows Knarich going old school with a cold, wet towel to the head as he struggles to beat the 104-degree-heat during last weekend’s Vintage Regatta in Rideau Ferry outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Cool under pressure thanks to his low-tech head-cooling system, Richard Knarich, Sr., waits patiently for his time in a Switzer wing cockpit (click image to enlarge). Photos courtesy/copyright Mark Rotharmel.

“Older and wiser, vintage racers know how to keep cool when temperatures soar,” Rotharmel wrote in an email to speedonthewater.com. “Former 1960s and 1970s OPC hot shoe, Richard Knarich Sr., has been there and done that, and knew exactly what to do while waiting for the start of last weekend’s Vintage Regatta in Rideau Ferry.

“Driving the famed twin-outboard-powered Miss Diablo Switzer Wing, co-owned by Rich Luhrs and Roger Hinsdale, Delaware’s Knarich sat patiently in his rig’s hot and humid cockpit while watching Pro-Stock and Can-Am Lights classes compete for a Canadian National Championship,” he continued. “When a race-ending barrel-roll delayed the on-water action, Knarich called for a crew member to throw in the towel—literally. Helmet off, lake-soaked towel on and a ‘What’s one to do?’ attitude, Richard kept a cool head throughout the day, ultimately running fast and clean tothrill thousands of spectators who lined the shores of Big Rideau Lake.”


Running the Miss Diablo Switzer Wing, Knarich found the cool breeze he was craving back at the docks.