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After Short Day, Fountain Coming Back For Kilo Record Attempt Tomorrow

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Based on today’s performance, the team at Fountain Powerboats is making adjustments to their 40-foot canopied V-bottom before trying to establish a new kilo record tomorrow. Photo by Matt Trulio/Speedonthewater.com

In short, today’s activity amounted to an American Power Boat Association officially timed test session on the measured kilometer course. The outing revealed that Fountain has some adjustments to make on the 40-footer’s water-pickup placement in terms of drag, according to Mike D’Anniballe of Sterling Performance Engines, and engine hatch aerodynamics, per Reggie Fountain, III, the driver of the boat.

In its only complete timed kilo run today, the boat averaged approximately 179 in one direction and 171 mph heading the other way for an average of 175 mph. as measured and recorded by APBA timing equipment.

D’Anniballe confirmed that he had “turned up” the boat’s 1,900-hp turbocharged Sterling engines to their maximum output of 1,900 hp.

Fountain, who is running the boat with throttleman Jeff Harris, said they also need to enter the kilo course at higher speed. “We entered at 178 mph and exited about 184 mph,” he said. “We need to get on it a little earlier.”

Fountain and Harris plan to resume their efforts to set a new kilo record early tomorrow morning. Fountain said they might also end heading out for additional testing this afternoon.

Editor’s note: Look for on-scene coverage of tomorrow’s kilometer speed record attempts on speedonthewater.com.

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