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Affordable Spectre Offshore Performance Center Consoles Under Construction


The first pair of 35-foot-long, high-performance center consoles are under construction at Spectre Offshore Performance. That’s the word from Jay Pilini, the owner of the Clearwater, Fla., boat company. With a pair of 300-hp Mercury Verado engines, the 35-footer will top out in the low 60-mph range and will be priced at approximately $225,000.

“We have always been good at keeping down our manufacturing costs and building affordable boats,” said Pilini in a telephone interview this morning. “The manufacturers who sold boats at reasonable prices, like Fountain and Donzi, are gone. All you have left are the builders with center consoles that are $300,000 and up, and we can do everything they do. We know we have to offer our boats at a good price with the same good quality we have been known for over the years. We’re lucky because we still have a great team. A lot of the guys with me now, like our painter, have been with me for years.”

To check out the latest center console competition, Pilini attended the Miami International Boat Show last month. Particularly impressive, he said, was the new 34-footer from Sunsation Performance Boats. In fact, the Sunsation offering inspired him to rethink the cabin configuration of his own 35-footer.

“The Sunsation boat seems to have raised the bar on the whole mid-cabin concept,” said Pilini. “We changed the cabin height and length in our boat a little bit. And we’ve added some great options in the pedestal seat area such as refrigerator, a grill and pullout drawers.”

While Pilini said he will offer the center console with triple outboard engines to buyers who want them, he is focusing primarily on equipping the boat, which rides on a conventional V-hull with pad, with twins.

“In Florida, triple-outboard center consoles are expensive to insure because they are a favorite target of thieves,” he said. “By sticking primarily to twins, we can keep down cost while providing a good level of performance.”

Editor’s Note: The new Spectre Offshore Performance website currently is under construction. Speedonthewater.com will provide a live link to the site when it becomes available.