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Aero-Marine Offers Windshield Kits for Eliminators & More

aero elim speedsterAero-Marine announced it will be offering factory-direct windshields for Eliminator’s 27 and 28 Speedster models.

Known for its high-quality acrylic and polycarbonate windshields and canopies for companies such as Douglas Marine/Skater PowerboatsNordic Boats and Outerlimits Offshore PowerboatsAero-Marine has been offering optically clear wind protection since 2006.

Along the way, the company located in Fontana, Calif., has amassed a sizable catalog of retrofit kits available for dozens of models from the likes of Baja MarineEliminator BoatsFountain PowerboatsSonic Boats and other companies. Between more and more of the business coming from custom orders and some manufacturers trying to save money by sacrificing on optics in their windshield or canopy applications, Aero-Marine President Carmen Bélanger-Martin recently announced she was rolling out a factory-direct program with OEM pricing for new boat owners, starting with Eliminator’s 27- and 28-foot Speedster catamarans.

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“Our focus on our AM Windshield Kit line of windshields has always been on optics and clarity with an integrated design,” Bélanger-Martin said. “By offering our AM Windshield kit direct to the end user, we’re able to continue to grow our brand and protect its integrity without ‘cheaping out’ on quality. Powerboaters today are buying better and want top quality in every aspect of their custom boat build. They are no longer settling for the ‘good enough’ mentality. The process is simple, when you are ordering your boat with our AM Windshield Kit simply request it—as many have done these last few years—without the windshield and we’ll take care of the rest.”

Available in 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch thicknesses with two color offerings, the kits will be pre-drilled and ready to assemble by a local service shop or by Aero-Marine’s Southern California service center—GT Performance in Upland, Calif. Working directly with Gary Teague and the crew at GT Performance, which offers a variety of performance boat services from rigging, engine building and more at its 3.5-acre facility, Bélanger-Martin said the goal is to reassure customers that they are getting the best possible product out there.

“Optics should be a standard not an option,” she added. “We believe if a boat is running on the water then the driver must see where he or she is going. Optically clear windshields and quarter canopies are a standard with Aero-Marine and they’re affordable. We’re happy to be working with Gary Teague because he knows how to handle and treat our windshields—we’ve done a few projects together. The best part is that our shops are 15 minutes apart so if there’s something we need to look at or make sure we have accurate, I can be on site right away.”

Bélanger-Martin said the pricing for the 3/4-inch windshields (the Speedster deck is provisioned for a 1/2-inch windshield as well) with light or medium tint (clear is available) starts at $3,700. Customers looking to find out if the Aero-Marine product line is available for their boat or the boat they’re purchasing can contact the office at 909-350-3543 and someone will be happy to answer any questions.

“Working with Aero-Marine locally is a big advantage for us, plus it helps that we’re willing to tackle any project that comes our way,” explained Teague, who said his company’s facility handles fiberglass, gelcoat and paint repair as well as interior modifications if necessary to adapt a windshield to a boat. “Aero-Marine builds a quality product—we’re looking forward to working more closely with the company.”

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